Simple #brunch that I had today!

It’s been very warm and humid nowadays. And sometimes the weather will make you feel tired and restless. Therefore, I always like simple home cooked food.

I like drinking soup when it comes to my meals.


The noodles are called bean stick aka 豆签 in Chinese, I boil some chicken stock and added the sliced tomatoes in. I added some chicken breast meat for protein. (Nah, I just like some meat in the noodles.)

Once the water starts to boil, I throw the noodles in and cook.

And I do add a pinch of salt for flavouring. (Taste the soup first before adding any salt. It might turn salty for some, since some chicken stock is salty.)

And you may serve. On top of it, I added some chilli flakes for some spiciness and flavour. And I added some fried onions for more flavours.

And voila, my brunch is cook!

To add another level of flavouring, crack an egg in the bowl. Pour the piping hot noodles into the bowl and yeah~ more robust!



Pucked Off (The Pucked Series Book 6) by Helena Hunting #bookthoughts

I admit that I skipped several books and jumped into this one. I gave up reading ‘Pucked Up’ cos I couldn’t connect Miller and Sunshine. But this book has been calling me and I decided to give it a shot. And boy! I didn’t regret anything at all.

“I don’t deserve this. You. I don’t deserve this kind of goodness. I shouldn’t be here, taking all these things from you when they shouldn’t be mine.”

Pucked Off (The Pucked Series Book 6) by [Hunting, Helena]
Pucked Off

I’m NHL defenseman Lance Romero, AKA Lance “Romance.”

I’m notorious for parties and excess. I have the most penalty minutes in the league. I get into the most fights. I take the most hits. I’m a player on and off the ice. I’m the one women with no inhibitions want.

Not because I like the notoriety, but because I don’t know how to be any other way.

I have secrets. Ones I shared with the wrong person, and she used them against me. Sometimes she still does. I should cut ties. But she makes it difficult, because she’s the kind of bad I deserve.

At least that’s what I believed until someone from my past gets caught up in my present. She’s all the good things in this world. She lights up my dark.

I shouldn’t want her.

But I do. 

I should leave her alone.

But I won’t.

pucked off book thoughts.gif


If I like Pucked, the first book. Then I’m going to say I love this book!

Lance might be a playboy, manwhore, banging all the bunnies who threw themselves at him. And he didn’t seem to mind it at all. Is he?

I like the connection between Poppy and Lance. It’s nice to read about how they reconnect and trying to build something but someone is trying her hardest best to destroy whatever they’re building. 

Lance is not perfect. He’s far from perfect. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not lovable.

PUCKED (A Standalone Romantic Comedy) (The PUCKED Series Book 1) by Helena Hunting #bookthoughts

Buck’s tone has changed to the quiet-calm voice he uses when he’s so furious he can barely function. I’ve seen him like this a couple of times before. Usually over Xbox. It’s not good. I have a feeling he’s going to try to break Alex. Alex spins to face him. Since I’m looking at the floor, I see his dick swing in the process. I hold back the inappropriate laughter when I hear it slap against his thigh. I love his penis. I want to give it a sponge bath and dress it up like a superhero.

PUCKED (A Standalone Romantic Comedy) (The PUCKED Series Book 1) by [Hunting, Helena]


With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star. So of course she isn’t interested in legendary team captain Alex Waters or his pretty, beat-up face and rock-hard six-pack abs. When Alex inadvertently obliterates Violet’s misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players, he becomes much more than just a hot body with the face to match.

Suffering from a complete lapse in judgment, Violet discovers just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pants. Violet believes her night of orgasmic magic with Alex is just that: one night. But Alex starts to call. And text. And email and send extravagant—and quirky—gifts. Suddenly, he’s too difficult to ignore, and nearly impossible not to like.

The problem is, the media portrays Alex as a total player, and Violet doesn’t want to be part of the game.

PUCKED book thoughts.gif

💭 It was a hilarious and enjoyable read for me. Especially when Violet’s erratic character comes out to play. IT’s super hilarious!

I super looking forward to reading Buck and Sunshine’s story since Buck is a typical jork who banged anyone willingly. AND his sister described him as a hairy yeti. 


The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting #bookthoughts

“Where do you think that luck comes from, Ethan?” Another reporter shouts. 

His head whips around, seeking out the asker of the last question. “Lilah.” It’s the first and only word out of his mouth.

My skin prickles, but I’m not sure if it’s in a good way or not. A volley of questions follows that’s hard to keep track of.

“Is Lilah your girlfriend?”

“Would you call her your good luck charm?”

Ethan rubs his bottom lip with his thumb. “Among other things, but yeah, definitely.”

“Does Lilah know she’s a factor in how well you play?”

“Is she part of your pregame ritual?” one saucy reporter asks.

Ethan laughs, maybe a little high on the win and the attention. “I don’t rub her like a genie in a bottle if that’s what you’re getting at, but I see her before every home game, and I talk to her before every away one.”

“And you think she’s the key to your successful season?”

Ethan shrugs but smiles. “Every game she’s been at has been a success. I play better when I know she’s with me.”

The Good Luck Charm by [Hunting, Helena]
The Good Luck Charm

Lilah isn’t sure what hurt worse: the day Ethan left her to focus on his hockey career or the day he came back eight years later. He might think they can pick up just where they left off, but she’s no longer that same girl and never wants to be again.
Ethan wants his glory days back. And that includes having Lilah by his side. With her, he was magic. They were magic. All he has to do is make her see that.
Just when Lilah might finally be ready to let Ethan in, though, she finds out their reunion might have nothing to do with love and everything to do with improving his game. But Ethan’s already lost her once, and even if it costs him his career, he’ll do anything to keep from losing her again.

💭 I was looking very forward in reading this book. And somehow Ethan really manages to piss me off every time his selfish idiot comes out to play. They are in their late twenties and they’re acting like high school students. And I’m not amused and amazed with the way Ethan kept inserting himself into Lilah’s life even though he knew how important for her to enrol for her Masters.

He’s acting like a selfish jerk and I’ve been hearing all about him. His feelings. His love. His fears. AND he didn’t talk about their future instead he kept focusing on now. His wants. His needs. 
It’s an okay read if you overlooked all his shortcomings though.
PS: But I’d like a read about Doctor Noah and Casey though…

Blue Collar Bachelors Series by Cassie-Ann L. Miller #bookthoughts

Have you ever had that dream? The one where you’re up at the front of a class to give a presentation that you’re completely unprepared for and the entire room is sitting there, waiting for you to get on with it. But when you look down, you realize that you’re naked. Completely naked.

Usually, at that point in the dream, you bolt upright in bed, chest heaving, sweat on your brow and realise that –  thank god –  it was just a dream.

Well, as I stand here at the back door, blinking impishly into the chiseled face of the strikingly handsome man standing shirtless in front of me, I realize to my horror that there is no waking up. This is no dream. This is my reality. There’s a little boy on my porch staring up at me through the stretched-out leg holes of my super-sized red granny panties.

I’m going to need years of therapy to recover from this traumatic event. The tall, tan sculpture of male perfection snatches the underwear off of the child’s head and scolds him sternly. “Brenton Montgomery—what is wrong with you?!”

“But, daddy—I’m Spiderman!” Innocent puppy dog eyes blink in his father’s direction.

“But, nothing. You know better than to do something like this!” He’s fuming. Face red. Nostrils twitching. “…And Spiderman doesn’t wear a cape!” The stranger’s broad chest heaves as he turns his attention to me. He looks as mortified as I feel. “I am so, so sorry,” he tells me with an earnest expression, his iridescent blue irises glimmering despite the heavy bags beneath them. “He just…he…” The man’s deep voice trails off and his eyes flutter shut as he shoves a frustrated hand through his hair.

My eyes fall to the panties still clenched in the fingers of his other hand. But I’m in too much shock to speak. Instead, my gaze explores the rock hard body on display in front of me. And my armpits go damp. He’s hot. Really hot. My antiperspirant isn’t strong enough to combat this level of man-heat.

Lover Boy: A Military Single Dad Next Door Romance (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 1) by [Miller, Cassie-Ann L.]
Lover Boy
 SYNOPSIS ⬇️From the first time I meet Leo Montgomery, I know that I’m in trouble. His dark, heated gaze skittering down my body sets my skin on fire. A rare sighting of his elusive, heart-stopping smile and—dear lord—I think I just ovulated. But then, he hires me to babysit his adorable little troublemaker after school and now my maternal instincts are working overtime.

It was never supposed to be more than a harmless crush on my older brother’s best friend. 

But (accidentally) showing him my enormous, red granny panties was probably my first mistake. (Apparently, he’s into that sort of thing.) 

That slow, sensual kiss on the back porch didn’t help matters, either.

We need an outlet for the combustible sexual tension between us. There’s no denying it. But he says he can’t be my boyfriend. He won’t let me into his closely guarded heart.

I tell him that’s okay. After all, we don’t need a title. We don’t need to be together. We can just be lovers. Can’t we?

Well, as it turns out, the road to hell is paved with good intentions…and enormous, red granny panties.

💭 What can I say about this book? Hilarious? It’s really hilarious when you read the whole book and of cos please expect some heartbreaking scenes. I mean there’s gonna be such angst in the book to bring you the high and low. I definitely enjoy this book more than I should be enjoying.

Leo had issues. Issues which he refused to tell Reese about it. Issues thinking that he’s not good enough for the innocent woman. And he might act like an a**hole when it comes to ‘choosing’ his son’s welfare or his own happiness. 

My grandmother laughs. “You’ve heard the old saying -time flies when there’s an open bar.”

“Well, it was an amazing evening,” I say as I lean in and hug her before moving on to Edward.

“It eas lovely having the two of you,” she says, turning her hugs to Charlie. “I’ll see you next week?”, she asks.

“Anyway, thank you for coming.” Edward tightens his grip on his new wife’s arm. “What’d you say we go consummate this marriage, honey?”

Granny rolls her eyes and then brings her laughing gaze to us. “He’s all talk. He’s about to go fall asleep on the toilet before he even manages to take his dentures off.”

Cringing at it all, I close my eyes and nod. “Thank you for that glimpse into your domestic situation. Appreciate it.”

The newlyweds giggle to themselves as they walk away, hand in hand.

Play Boy: A Bad Boy Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 2) by [Miller, Cassie-Ann L.]
Play Boy
SYNOPSIS ⬇️Charlie Hartley is the thing that addictions are made of. At least that’s what I’ve heard from the parade of desperate women who’ve gone through his bedroom’s revolving door.

Brash and unapologetic, tattooed and insanely handsome. I’m sure there’s a Charlie Addicts Anonymous meeting taking place somewhere in the great state of Illinois as we speak.

I’ve become really good at keeping him at arm’s length and keeping my silly crush under control. After all, it’s a skill I’ve been perfecting since the first time he stood up to a bully for me back in the 8th grade.

But when he offers to escort me to my 83-year-old grandmother’s wedding, I start seeing him in a new light. Maybe there’s more to him than that smoking hot body and those playful, flirtatious eyes.

Now, we’re growing closer, crossing lines, shattering boundaries. I’ve strutted out of the friend zone and straight into his bed.

But that’s perfectly fine because I’m a tough girl. I can manage a juvenile, little crush. And there’s no chance that a guy like Charlie will start catching feelings for me.

One drunken night of hot sex won’t change our friendship…Will it?

💭Compared to the first book, I’m kind of disappointed by this. I thought there’d be more actions, sparks an emotional roller coaster but it’s kind of peaceful. And I don’t understand what’s wrong with Nova though.

I feel the earth shift under my feet as water beats down on the tiles all around me and the suddenly-suffocating steam casts a surreal mist over the narrow shower stall. I’m bent over with the razor in my hand, my attention transfixed to my crotch. The lone, pioneering white strand pokes out of my dark, neatly groomed rug. Strong and defiant.

A tiny squeak manages to erupt from my constricted throat. I totter, a little unsteady on my feet. My head feels light. I’ve been blindsided. Ambushed by my bush. Nothing quite prepares you for this moment.

In any case, even after that relationship ended in an epically disastrous way four years ago, I held out hope that I’d find someone. Someone tall with good teeth, broad shoulders and kind eyes. Someone with decent taste in wine, an appreciation for post-impressionist art and a diverse portfolio of reliable, long-term investments. Someone who showers daily without having to be lured, coerced or threatened. A good, responsible guy. That’s all I ever wanted. 

But apparently, that’s too much to ask in a place like Copper Heights. The population of single males in this town is so meagre that a woman has a better chance of getting abducted by an unidentified flying object than finding a guy who’s right for her.


Bad Boy: A Bad Boy Biker Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 3) by [Miller, Cassie-Ann L.]
Bad Boy

I can’t stand Clinton Alvarez.

My life was meticulously organized, painstakingly structured and impeccably sanitary…until he rolled into town with his bad manners, his short temper and his cocky smirk. Now, he’s opened up his grungy barbershop right next door to my pristine cupcake shop, bringing along his clientele of sketchy, leather-loving motorcycle guys with broken noses.

He’s infuriating. Having him around brings out the worst in me. All of a sudden, I’m acting on impulse. First, I’m flinging a handful of over-ripe raspberries at his back. Then, I’m screwing him on the countertop between the cash register and the cakepop display.

Waking up with a blanked-out memory on his threadbare sheets is unquestionably the low-point of my life. Except now, the only thing I hate more than Clinton himself is the fact that I’m starting to fall head over heels for him.

He has a secret that will rock the foundation of all the things I believe in. But it’s foolish to jump to conclusions because, in some stories, it’s not easy figuring out exactly who the bad guy is.

💭 Hey! I didn’t think that I’d like this book but I did! It’s definitely the best out of the three siblings that I’ve read. And please hold. There’s some dirty secrets, as well as scandalous ones too.

I storm over to her and twist her chair around before unceremoniously hauling her up by the armpits. The familiar scent of her shampoo fills my sense of smell, making my gut clench sharply. Tamping down the need, I loop an arm around her waist and throw her over my shoulder, butt in the air. With a tight grip on the backs of her knees, I stomp toward the door.

She makes her displeasure loud and clear, swinging her legs, hollering and slapping my back with the turkey breast as I carry her down the now-empty hallway. I’ve got to say that this is a first. I’ve never been assaulted with a piece of poultry in the line of duty before. This job is full of surprises.

Hot Boy: A Second Chance, Firefighter Romance (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 4) by [Miller, Cassie-Ann L.]
Hot Boy
SYNOPSIS ⬇️Save a fire truck. Ride a firefighter. Isn’t that what they say?

Ben Riggs says he loves me. He says he hasn’t stopped thinking about me since he broke my heart and chased me out of town all those years ago…

I say liar liar pants on fire.

And boy, do those bright yellow, flame-resistant fireman pants look good on him. I’m aching to feel those big, rough hands clenching on my hips and to collect on the illicit promises burning in his dark blue eyes.

Self-control goes up in flames every time he flashes that arrogant smile. So I give in—because a woman has needs. (Am I right, ladies?) He can have my body but my heart is off-limits. I’ve worked hard over the past few years to prove to myself that I can be successful without him in my life.

But Ben says he won’t stop until he wins me back—mind, body and heart. He says I’d better stop trying to resist him. He may be a fireman but I’m the one fighting like hell against the inferno of lust and nostalgia closing in on us.

And it’s a fight I can’t afford to lose…

💭 Not as interesting as book three but it’s still entertaining as ever. Especially the suspense. The secret behind why Ben broke things off with Angie. Oh and not to forget why Angie came back to her hometown. The scandalous affair that she had makes her famous enough that most hospitals wouldn’t want to hire her. 


The Girl in the Moss by Loreth Anne White #bookthoughts

In order to understand the whole story and characters, it’ll be best to start from Book 1.

So what’s gonna happen to Angie and Maddocks after her departure from the police department?

The Girl in the Moss (Angie Pallorino Book 3) by [White, Loreth Anne]
The Girl in the Moss


Disgraced ex-cop Angie Pallorino is determined to make a new start for herself as a private investigator. But first, she and her lover, newly promoted homicide detective James Maddocks, attempt a quiet getaway to rekindle a romance struggling in the shadows of their careers. The peace doesn’t last long when human skeletal remains are found in a nearby mossy grove.

This decades-old mystery is just what Angie needs to establish her new career—even as it thrusts her and Maddocks back into the media spotlight, once again endangering their tenuous relationship.

Then, when Angie’s inquiry into the old crime intersects with a cold case from her own policing past—one that a detective on Maddocks’s new team is working—the investigation takes a startling twist. It puts more than Angie’s last shot at redemption and a future with Maddocks at risk. The mystery of the girl in the moss could kill her.

The girl in the moss.gif

💭 Yes, I did manage to guess correctly who’s the culprit and how the story goes. But it’s the aftermath which kicked me sideways and showed me the real whole story.

Angie had grown a lot compared to the first book I’ve read about her. In this book, she finally knows how to protect herself and brought back up with her when she’s about to confront a suspect. That’s good since she doesn’t care about her safety.

Maddocks is forcing Angie’s hand when he gave her the ultimatum. AND I was like….. “Seriously?” 

It’s a closure for Maddocks and Angie’s story but not Holgersen since this guy is a mystery. And I would like to know what’s going to happen to that dirty cop?

See? There are still left unanswered questions. SO I was hoping that I can see them real soon again.

DO not attempt to read this before bedtime. 




The Lullaby Girl (Angie Pallorino Book 2) by Loreth Anne White #bookthoughts

This is book 2 of Angie Pallorino’s ‘adventure’ and it’s advisable to read this in sequence, if not you’ll miss the points and it’s very confusing.

Angie has been having anger issues and she always brushed it off as working too hard and also she’s working in the sex crime department. Until the case she’s pursuing escalated whereby the rapist now killed the victims he raped. And that’s when she met Maddocks again. 

Angie took down the rapist/killer and she overdid it. 

Many detectives are dying to see her go down since they are not very welcoming about a woman working as a detective.  

Angie is determined to uncover the truth behind her abandonment. She wanted to know who’s her birth parents. She wanted to know who is she.

The Lullaby Girl (Angie Pallorino Book 2) by [White, Loreth Anne]
The Lullaby Girl


Detective Angie Pallorino took down a serial killer permanently and, according to her superiors, with excessive force. Benched on a desk assignment for twelve months, Angie struggles to maintain her sense of identity—if she’s not a detective, who is she? Then a decades-old cold case washes ashore, pulling her into an investigation she recognizes as deeply personal.

Angie’s lover and partner, James Maddocks, sees it, too. But spearheading an ongoing probe into a sex-trafficking ring while keeping Angie’s increasing obsession with her case in check is taking its toll. As startling connections between the parallel investigations emerge, Maddocks realizes he has even more than Angie’s emotional state to worry about.

Driven and desperate to solve her case, Angie goes rogue, risking her relationship, career, and very life in pursuit of answers. She’ll learn that some truths are too painful to bear, and some sacrifices include collateral damage.

But Angie Pallorino won’t let it go. She can’t. It’s not in her blood.

The Lullaby Girl

It’s very violent when you imagined the scenes. The way they killed the women. It really gets under my skin when I thought about it. I started reading this book when I wanted to clear my TBR and I forget about the first book story. I went back and reread to refresh my memory and I finally realised what am I reading.

I dived into this book after ‘refreshing’ my memory and I was hooked. I like the way how Maddocks and Angie interacts. It isn’t the insta love type of scenario where they fell in love and solve crimes together and get their happily ever after. NOPE! It’s more realistic when Angie is working out her problems as well as Maddocks. Angie had trust and commitment issues so it’s very interesting to read how Maddocks dug his way through her defence. And at the same time, Angie knew that Maddocks is a good guy and she’s afraid that she doesn’t deserve him.

As usual, there are always assholes in the book. AND the assholes are very much alive and kicking. SO I was hoping that something bad might happened to them in the next book. 


But before you start reading ‘The Drowned Girls’, I have to warn you about the violence and ugliness in the book. It’s very real when you imagined the scenes.