First blog post

I’ve been playing with some blogging sites and it’s very hard to come across to something which is easy and I will love the theme site. WordPress had been appearing on my screen when I Google about which blogging sites to use.

This site is nothing about significant issues. Just something about my thoughts and mostlyย are about books thoughts. I like reading books. I love reading books are more accurate. The invention of eBooks are lifesaver for me cos it’s light and easy to bring around. All you need is a tablet or your smart phone or even the devices that’s created just for reading.

The genre of books that I read are mostly suspense, thriller, romance suspense, romance, supernatural. YA, fantasy, sci fi are mostly either the plot are intriguing or someone highly recommend to me.

I’m a sucker for HEA endings. Even if there aren’t, the plot must be able to suck me into the book and feel sad by leaving it. That’s how I rate a good book. I dislike weak characters or maybe I should say I dislike weak heroine. Whenever I read a romance book involving weak heroine, I’ll force myself to continue the book or just skim through the whole thing. Characters building are very important as well as the plot. So if the plot is good but weak characters, the book is still a so so read and vice versa.

Alright enough about my hellos and hope that through here, I can know more about readers like me. So that we’re able to introduce more books to each other.


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