Book Thoughts on Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis


The story is about love, second chances and forgiveness.

Pru Harris is a boat captain of a boat tour that’s located at San Francisco. Despite being new at the area, she’s still manage to in love with her new apartment, Neighbours and her newly adopted pet dog which she name it Thor.

Finn O’Riley is a pub owner who always makes time for his friends and not forgetting he’s a HOTTIE too. Finn manage the pub with his younger Brother, Sean, whom Finn’s been protecting since at a young age. Pru is on a Mission. And her Mission includes to help Finn finds his happiness, true love. But Pru is very attracted to Finn and she could not/ would not allow herself to fall for Finn because the secrets that she kept from him will change everything between them.

“Thor! Hush!” she said, eyes on Finn. Thor didn’t hush, but she couldn’t concentrate on the dog. “I’m so sorry”, she said again, finally giving in the urge to touch Finn, running her hands up and down on his back, trying not to notice that under her fingers he was solid muscle. And thanks to his Low riding jeans having slid down his hips when he’d bent over, she could see an inch of smooth sleek skin and it made her stupid. “I didn’t mean to crush your….. er, twig and berries”


Seriously, when I read that part I burst out laughing out real loud! I totally enjoy this book. It started out slow and I wouldn’t deny that I’m bored initially. But the book picked up the pace and it’s getting hilarious when Pru’s brain couldn’t function well whenever she’s near Finn. Plus that dog of hers is a major plus point! The secondary characters are very well liked. There aren’t any villains in the book. Like those freaking ow/om drama. None whatsoever. The book is basically about how Finn and Pru gotten together and how Pru’s been hiding her secrets from Finn and her internal struggle with herself. Just wanna say that I’m Glad that I picked up this book.


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