Book Review on The Trouble With Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

Book 2 of The Heartbreaker Bay series


Willa Davis is a owner of a pet grooming shop. Surrounded with animals and friends who love her and vice versa, she’s contended with life and implement her no man policy after her last disastrous relationship. But deeply in her heart, she secretly wishing for one true love.

Keane Winters is a self made real estate developer. He doesn’t attached to anything and don’t do relationship. Until his grand aunt whom he didn’t know she existed, dropped by his place and have him look after her pet cat which she name it as Petunia. As he need to work around with open spaces and he couldn’t deal with Petunia’s tantrum, he approached Willa in hoping that she’s willing to look after Petunia for him.

Willa knew Keane from the past but he doesn’t seems to remember her and this makes her feel sad, angry and frustration. But she’s willing to look after the car after she met Petunia whom she feel in love with. Willa is aware of the sizzling attraction between her and Keane but she’s unwilling to explore further with him. What’s going to happen to the both of them about their “animal attraction”?



After Secret Little Lies, we get to know more about the secondary characters in the book and this book is about Willa and Keane whom I couldn’t ignore. Willa is very adorable in the first book so I’m real excited to read about her and the cute animals in the book. And I’m Glad that I’m not disappointed with the book when we have a new pet cat, Petunia which didn’t fail to make me smile whenever she appear in the book. She’s haughty towards Keane but she change her tone when she’s around Sally her owner and Willa. I totally like the pace the book brought me cos it’s no rush and it nicely built the attraction between Willa and Keane.






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