Book Review on Entangle Me series by Maggie Way


My thoughts about Entangle Me series. There is a total of 7 books in this series. But not to worry as they are not the lengthy type books.


Sydney is the first book in this series. The story is about wedding planner Lacey Ryan, caught her fiance cheated on her on their wedding day rehearsal. After canceling the wedding, she drinks and thrashes at her best friend Gabe’s place. After thinking hard, Lacey decided to drive back to her place and gave her ex-fiance a piece of her mind when she stumbles upon her brother’s best friend, Tristan Keys. Seeing that she is too drunk to drink, Tristan offers to drive her back. Tristan has an event planning company and he offers to employ Lacey as a wedding planner. Not to plan local weddings but international weddings. So as the story progress, the sexual attraction between Tristan and Lacey are progressing too.



It all started at Paris when Tristan and Lacey have to plan a client’s wedding together. The fuel added when Tristan’s past appears before them without warning. Lacey thought that Tristan is still in love with his ex but what she didn’t know is how crazy that ex is. Tristan and Lacey agree to have a secret relationship because they do not want to upset her brother and everything is going fine until Tristan’s mother revealed the past about Tristan that upset Lacey so much that she decided to end their affair and working relationship. But what Lacey didn’t expect is what happen at Las Vegas when Tristan and she have to plan Lacey’s brother’s wedding.


This is the final of the 7 books series. Where Lacey and Tristan’s relationship comes to a conclusion.


IT is very nice to read about Lacey’s growth throughout the book. Cos she started out kind of childish but then she starts to grow and bloom when handling overseas wedding plannings and relationship with Tristan. But then sadly, she turns back to the little girl and ran away when there’s a problem between her and Tristan. And she threw everything away and start afresh with a man whom she didn’t really know. Lacey has her happy ending and while reading the whole series, I think I might have some colorful words for Tristan and Lacey. And unbelievable, I like Gabe more than the two. It’s a ok read for me and if you personally enjoy books about wedding planning, you might want to give this series a try.


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