Kouros Brothers Duo Book 1& 2 ( The Greek’s Innocent Virgin & The Greek’s Christmas Baby) by Lucy Monroe

Both books can be read as a standalone. But I’d recommend reading both so that you can know more about the secondary characters who are appearing in both books.ย 

Will he punish her with passion?

Greek tycoon Sebastian Kouros thinks he knows all about Rachel Long: as far as he’s concerned, she’s a scheming money-grabber who deserves nothing from him or his family.

But the searing sexual chemistry between them can’t be denied. Sebastian sees an opportunity to seduce this girl who plays it so sweet and innocent. He’ll discard her when he sees fit.โ€ฆ

Only Rachel isn’t a gold digger at allโ€”she is innocent and she’s a virgin.โ€ฆ

While I read this book, I’m cursing how stupid Sebastian was. Is he that stupid or caveman? Which I think you have to make the decision yourself though.

After a head-on collision with another vehicle, Eden Kouros is overjoyed that her unborn baby has survived. But Aristide, her husband, has suffered a partial loss of memory.

Eden’s heart is torn in two. Aristide remembers almost everything–except that he has a wife. Yet perhaps Eden has been given a second chance to save her marriage, which was at breaking point before the accident: Aristide’s body hasn’t forgotten the desire they once shared…and she’s still carrying their precious, tiny child….

Out of the two books, this is my favorite. Eden is very much in love with Aristide but he seems doesn’t feel the same way towards her. Adding to the insult, his assistant had been hinting to Eden that she and Aristide are lovers. Now with Aristide suffering a partial loss of memory, Eden’s sufferings are twice the amount she felt before. Not only her husband had forgotten about her, he felt resentment towards Eden believing his assistant that Eden has gotten herself pregnant to trapped him into this loveless marriage. I felt so sorry for Eden while reading this book. The angst she felt, the hurt she felt and the loneliness she felt. This is definitely my pick out of the two. As for the graphic novel, that’s not what I expected. The characters trait in the book is ridiculous to the fact that I laugh while reading. Aristide in the book doesn’t have any Greek’s pride. And it’s so boring. So if you want to choose, choose the novel.ย 


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