Submitting to the Baron Part I& II by Em Brown

This is a historical erotica genre book and it is not suitable for under 18 years of age. 



How hard can it be to seduce one’s own wife?

Leopold Spencer is shocked to learn his shy and awkward wife is secretly headed to Chateau Follet, where the most wicked, wanton forms of debauchery take place.

Though he has not touched Trudie in over a year—not since their disastrous wedding night—he is not willing to be made a cuckold. Furious, he heads to Chateau Follet to retrieve her before she is in over her head.

But shortly after arriving, he discovers a unique—and provocative—opportunity to test the fidelity of his wife. Under guise, he decides what he wants to do is seduce his wife.

Commanding her submission, however, is not as easy as he expects…


Submitting to the Baron Part II


Trudie is in over her head at the Chateau Debauchery, where guests indulge in pleasures both wicked and taboo. Ashamed that she allowed a masked stranger to seduce her, she is determined to leave the chateau as soon as possible and begin to atone for her wrongs in private.

But he won’t let her.

Moreover, he takes it upon himself to see she pays her penance. Trudie finds herself caught between wanting to avoid the pain of punishment and desiring to submit to its pleasure and erotic heights…



This is not the end of Leopold and Trudie’s story. They did not marry for love but it is a marriage of convenience. Their mothers are best of friends and they are hoping that their children can marry each other. Trudie is a shy and awkward lady and she know that Leopold has a mistress elsewhere to satisfy his needs. Diana, her best friend who is also Leopold’s cousin advised her that it’s time she should have her own fun since her husband is the one who broke their wedding vow first. So now the wives Diana and Trudie are heading to Chateau Debauchery. When Leopold heard from Charles where their wives are heading, he is shocked. And he is going to take the matter in his own hands by bringing his own wife back home. I am waiting for more and hoping to see Leopold grovel since now he know how alluring his wife is and he broke their wedding vows first. 


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