Dancing for the Badman by Hayley Faiman

This is about Russian Bratva story between Kirill and Tatyana. This can be read as a standalone as there are sex scenes and coarse language, therefore, it is not suitable for under 18 years of age.ย 

Dancing for the badman

A lifetime ago, Kirill Baryshev was a man in love. Born and raised to embody what it means to be a Russian soldierโ€”hard, cold, and ruthlessโ€”she was the one person he trusted with his heart. She was his gold. She was his treasure. And then she was gone. Her death, coupled with the death of their unborn child, was an act of betrayal. She took herself away from him after learning who he really was. A badman. A Bratva man.

A decade ago, Tatyana Orlova was a young woman who knew her futureโ€”and he was unbearably handsome. But when the FBI knocked on her door, warning her that her future was a dangerous man with ties to the Russian mafia, her fear rewrote her future in seconds. Pregnant and alone, she fled, the heartache of her decision something she knew she would carry with her always. Raising a daughter on her own, working the pole night after night, was far from a dream come true. Her life was about survival. Her hope was lost in realityโ€”until her past darkened her door.

Lies. Regret. Fear. Anger. It all rises to the surface when the truth is revealed and Kirill and Tatyana are reunited. One federal agent’s obsession leads the fated lovers back together. But the love they once shared was shattered years ago, and the pain that accompanied that loss may not ever be overcome. Tatyana will endure Kirill’s cruel treatment toward her for the sake of their daughter, but the love she harbors for him is not lost. His presence makes her hope. His presence makes her dream. Maybe, just maybe, she can dance her way back into her badman’s heart.


Kirill and Tatyana once in love with each other until the FBI came to Tatyana telling her that she is withย a very dangerous man. Feeling fear for herself and their unborn child, she decided to run away from Kirill. Now years later, Kirill know that Tatyana is still alive and she gave birth to their daughter without his knowledge. He feels anger, betrayal. He wants Tatyana to pay for her sins. Now, having both Tatyana and his daughter under his roof, he wants to seek revenge against Tatyana and making her pay for what she makes him feel for the decade.ย 

We cannot use the normal romance genre point of view reading this book. Instead, we need to use mafia view to read the book. Cos Kirill is not celibate and he is with many women. And he even gets the one he bedded to bought things for Tatyana and his daughter. Without knowing that the woman had been poisoning his daughter and bought clothes size too small for Tatyana.ย 

One thing for sure is that he did not have a mistress when he is with Tatyana. So there is no cheating. Overall, I do enjoy this book.ย 


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