Tempting (The Buchanans Saga Book 4) by Susan Mallery

The final of the Buchanan’s siblings stories and we have the baby sister, Danielle Buchanan story. This book is about her journey searching for her birth father.






After three romantic flame-outs in a year and a restaurant career going nowhere, Dani Buchanan needs a fresh start. She goes looking for her biological father but never expects to find a senator running for president. As his long-lost “love child,” Dani could seriously derail the electionโ€”something his handsome campaign manager Alex Canfield isn’t going to let happen. Dani isn’t about to let Alex run her life, no matter how tempting she finds himโ€”and Alex isn’t going to allow Dani to melt his cynicism, no matter how close he has to get. The last thing either of them wants is love, especially with scandals brewing and family trouble on the way. But Dani and Alex are forced to trust each other, and when trust turns to passion, the potential for disaster is only a tabloid scandal away.



Seriously, when I read the new Gloria’s character, I have a hard time accepting her. I’m so used to her poison. LOL.

Dani’s journey is pretty interesting cos her father is not only a Senator but he is going to run for President. And his adopted son, Alex, ย is also part of the campaigning team. Making the whole situation more complicated when they got involve with each other.ย 

This is the end of Buchanan’s siblings’ stories and overall I enjoy the stories. It’s pretty interesting to read about how they find their true love and how they swore to protect their family. Good read!ย 


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