The Greek Tycoon’s Love-Child by Jacqueline Baird

The Greek Tycoon's Love-child

When millionaire Theodore Kadros first sets his sights on beautiful Willow Blain there can only ever be one outcome: a night of incredible desire! But the next day Willow is gone…. However, their brief passion results in a legacy that Willow is eager to conceal. When the Greek tycoon discovers the shocking truth, he is enraged. Theo demands they marry so he can have what he feels is rightfully his–Willow as his wife…and at his mercy!

The greek tycoon love child GN

Theo and Willow have a one night stand. What Theo did not know was that Willow is a virgin and she is only 18 years old. When he clarify with his sister the identity of Willow, he went after her. But when he found her, Willow inform him that he need not take any responsibilityย with her cos she intends to find a mature man and show her the rope in bed. But what Theo did not know was that Willow had discovered he had a fiancee and he’s using Willow as a bed mate.ย 

Fast forward to nine years later. Theo met Willow once again at his hotel. He is surprised to see her again and kind of a shock to learned that she is a successful writer now. He wants to have dinner with her and find her run away from him once again. When he saw the newspaper and a picture of her son, he is shocked cos her son looks exactly like him when he is young. He is furious with Willow for keeping his son away from him and he threatened his way to her life.ย 

When it comes to Theo, Willow is kind of weak against him. But when she fight back against him, I cannot deny I enjoy that scene very much.ย 

This is the graphic novel version of the book. IF you want a simplify version, you might want to consider picking this up. But the story slightly differs from the novel.ย 


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