The Millionaire’s Love-Child by Elizabeth Power

The Millionaire Love-Child


It was every mother’s worst nightmare. Annie‘s son had been swapped at birth!

But it got worse: her charismatic ex-boss, Brant Cadman, was raising her real sonโ€”and she his!

Brant made Annie an irresistible propositionโ€”marry him. Annie knew both their sons needed their mom and dad. Plus, she couldn’t deny the intense physical attraction between themโ€ฆbecause once they’d shared a night of loveโ€ฆ.


The plot is well-written cos when we think back the child we have with us, in the end, is not ours. That’s really a nightmare to all the mothers. The characters we have are Annie and Brant. Annie and Brant used to have a one night stand but she went off without saying anything to Brant. Cos the time she met Brant, she’s being dumped by her fiance. But the feelings she has for Brant is so strong that she decided she needed time and went off for a holiday. But when she came back, he marries someone else. Annie thought that she’s just someone to warm Brant’s bed. But she did not expect to see him again. But not just a social visit. He informs her that his son and her son are being swapped at the hospital when they’re born.

The story is intriguing but it has gotten my nerve when I’m halfway through. Annie’s been repeating the sentences again and again. It’s very irritating. But nonetheless, it managed to capture my attention until I finish the book. Cos I definitely wanted to know the ending.ย 


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