The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife by Sandra Marton


The Greek Prince Chosen WIfe
The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife

Ivy Madison claims she’s pregnant with Prince Damian Aristedes‘ baby, but he’s never even met her! Is she just another gold digger, exploiting his wish for a son and heir?

But Ivy is expecting Damian’s childโ€”as a surrogate mother! The arrogant Greek is furious, but he’s not about to let Ivy go. After all, he missed the pleasure of bedding her to conceive his babyโ€ฆ.


Truth to be told, this is the second time I’m reading this book. The first time was in 2015. But then I was attracted to the plot and thought that the book was well written with developed characters.

But then I re-read the book due to the graphic novel version. I wanted to compare the story difference. SO while re-reading, I came to realized what a naive and stupid heroine Ivy is.

So I’ll just write an intro to the book. Ivy and Kay Madison are stepsisters. Ivy’s mother marries Kay’s father and their happiness is short-lived when both of them died during their trip in overseas. Both Kay and Ivy are too young to live on their own and both are placed in a foster family. But Ivy is being sent back to the system when she’s caught stealing money. When she deny the theft, Kay taunts her that if she resists she’s hinting that Kay’s the one who stole the money. So Ivy is sent back to the system and awaits for a new family to receive her.

Fast forward. Kay died alongside with her lover when she claimed that she is pregnant with Prince Damian’s baby. When Damian went to the doctor, he confirms that Kay was never pregnant. Not even once. That’s when he realized that he’s being played by Kay viciousness. And now standing at his doorstep is Ivy Madison who informs him that she’s pregnant with Damian’s child and he doesn’t even know Ivy and how can she be pregnant with his child? He is furious as he thought that Ivy and Kay must be working together to cheat him out of his money and he demand a DNA test when Ivy insist the baby is his.

So TBH, I think Ivy might be TOO naive for a 25-year-old woman.ย 

The Greek Prince Chosen Wife GN.jpg

There’s not much difference with the actual story but this book is more of a pleasant read.


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