Lily’s Mistake by Pamela Ann #bookreview



Lily Mistake
Lily’s Mistake


He clears his throat and speaks, “I, Drake Tantum, take Lily Alexander forever and a day. I promise to give her flowers and kisses forever and ever until I die.” I giggle when Drake mentions kisses. “It’s your turn now, Lil. Just follow what I said.”

I nod and clear my throat. Smiling, I repeat his words. “I, Lily Alexander, take Drake forever. I promise to give him kisses and share my Reese’s peanut butter cups once a week forever and ever until I die.”

Lily Alexander was always in love with Drake Tatum before she even knew what love meant. One fated night during one of their family vacations, Lily gave her virginity to Drake.

After that magical night, Drake and Lily avoided each other successfully for eight years. Upon their parentโ€™s meddling, the two suddenly had to face each otherโ€”working side by side.

Sparks fly. Eyes devouring each other. The sudden impact of being in each otherโ€™s orbit was electrifying.

Drake wants to consume Lily almost immediately. But to what extent?

Will Lily surrender again to the man who once broke her heart?

I smugly congratulate myself for not making a huge deal and a bigger fool out of myself after seeing him again. True, I may love the man to distraction back in yesteryears, but that ship has sailed. He doesn’t get to take my virginity and simply walk away like it doesn’t matter like I didn’t matter. His vicious rejection scarred me forever and it will be ingrained in my head; I would be stupid to forget it.



I read through the Goodreads reviews before I decided to pick this book up. While reading the book, I realized that there are lots of positive as well as negative reviews in regards this book. Based on the above paragraph, you should have an idea what this book is all about.ย 

This book is about first love, betrayal and second chances. Now I do enjoy the book INITIALLY when Lily fights back Drake when that a**h*** is determined to get back into Lily’s life. And not to mention both are attached at that time. SO what happen? The book went downhill when they start having sex. The whole book is almost about how they’re having sex. And not to mention when someone crashes into Drake’s place when he did not bother to replace his lock and security code.ย 

I gave this book half cos I did enjoy it although it went downhill fast afterward. There are two more books. One is a Novella and the other is Epilogue. I decided not to continue the two books cos the reviews are not really positive so I think I’ll stop here. But if you like to pick up and read them, please leave me a message and let me know if you like it.


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