Dead Right (The Stillwater Trilogy) By Brenda Novak #bookreview

This is the last of the trilogy.



Dead Right
Dead Right


Every town has its secrets—and Stillwater, Mississippi, has more than most! Starting with a murder almost twenty years ago…

The people of Stillwater, Mississippi, are asking questions about murder. Again.

Twenty years ago Madeline Barker‘s father disappeared. Despite what everyone else thinks, Madeline’s convinced her stepfamily had nothing to do with it. But the recent discovery of his car finally proves he didn’t just drive away. Worse, the police find something in the trunk that says there’s more to this case than murder.

With no other recourse, Madeline decides to hire a private investigator—even if the cops don’t like it. Even if her family doesn’t like it. But when P.I. Hunter Solozano begins to uncover some shocking evidence, someone in Stillwater is determined to put a stop to Madeline’s search for the truth. And that means putting a stop to her. Permanently.


Was his body inside?

Hunched against the freezing January rain, Madeline Barker felt her fingernails cut into her palms. Standing with her stepbrother, stepsister and stepmother, she watched the police and several volunteers attempt to pull her father’s car out of the abandoned water-filled quarry. Her head pounded from lack of sleep, and her chest so tight she almost couldn’t breathe, yet she stood perfectly still… waiting. After almost twenty years, she might finally have some answers about her father’s disappearance.


Finally Maddie learned the truth. Or did she not? There’s someone out there been keeping this a secret for more than a decade. And that particular person did not want the truth to be discovered when everyone around Maddie asks her to stop but she insists on investigating the truth that she hires a PI to look into the disappearance of her father. Someone want her to stop. Someone want her gone. Someone want her dead. 

Overall, the whole series is very enjoyable although the topic might be disturbing. 



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