Single Father, Wife Needed by Sarah Morgan #bookreview

Glenmore Island’s most eligible bachelor?

Practice nurse Evanna Duncan and single father Dr. Logan MacNeil have always worked side by side at the Glenmore community surgery. But Evanna has a painful secretโ€”she has been in love with Logan for as long as she can remember. Yet he seems to see her only as his colleague and friend.

As Evanna finally decides to move on with her life, leaving the island for good, something happens that makes Logan see her in a completely different light.

Will it be too late for Logan to make Evanna his island bride, and mother to his little daughter?



Single Father Wife Needed
Single Father, Wife Needed


After finishing the book, sad to say that I could not feel any connection between the two characters in the book. Evanna has been in love with Logan for as long as when she’s a small girl until now. Even when Logan’s wife died giving birth to their daughter, Logan did not date other women. And he did not see Evanna as ‘woman’ but instead she’s a family friend and his little sister’s best friend. Most importantly, his daughter has taken a liking to Evanna and he’s grateful to Evanna and nothing more.ย 

Only after an incident that occurredย in his house that he realized that he’s longing to touch a woman and the feeling he has for Evanna is lust and not love.ย 

The ending of the book leaves me speechless cos it does not make sense at all.ย 



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