The Wedding in White by Diana Palmer



The Wedding In White.jpg
The Wedding in White


Sweet, gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock‘s life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain‘s masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing taste of love. Ever since that first awakening, Natalie knew Mack was the only man for her. Trouble was, the rough-edged loner had sworn off marriageโ€”especially to an innocent like herโ€”and told her so on more than one occasion. But Mack had taught her the best was worth fighting forโ€ฆand Natalie would not settle for anything less than all his love!



Nat is an orphan who lost her parents. Then her aunt brought her out of the orphanage to stay with her. So that she can make fully use of Nat. This is not surprising to the people in Medicine Range since they know her aunt’s character. But Nat is thankful to her for taking her in. Nat and Vivian are friends so does she’s friends with Vivian’s siblings. And Nat’s been secretly in love with Mack, Vivian’s older brother but she know that he will not be interested in her cos she’s an orphan and he’s devilishly handsome that most women are crazy about him.ย 

Fast forward when Vivian have a boyfriend and she wanted him to come to their house for supper but Mack doesn’t approve and Nat volunteer to persuade Mack in doing so. Vivian is always jealous of Nat when someone prefers Nat over her. She always sees her as a competitor vying attention from the men she dated.ย 

But everything changes between Nat, Vivian, and Mack one night when Vivian tells a terrible lie.ย 

So do I like the book? It’s a pretty interesting plot but the characters are not really likable especially Vivian. She’s just another spoilt princess who demands everyone’s attention and if she received little attentionย than Nat, she’ll be jealous of her. I don’t think she’s a good friend to Nat. As for Mack, he’s the male version of his sister except that he’s not a spoilt brat. But he believes his siblings more than anything and protects them from anything after their parents died leaving him the care of his siblings. So my opinion? George and Charles Killain are actually the ones who really care and believe Nat. And Nat forgives the siblings too easily.


The Wedding in white GN

The graphic version is more enjoyable for me. Might be due to the fact that it’s simplified and I did not dislike the characters as much as the actual story.



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