The Patient Nurse by Diana Palmer

He hated her. He hated her for killing his wife.

The Patient Nurse
The Patient Nurse

Dr. Ramon Cortero‘s patient, Nurse Noreen Kensington, has a serious case of heartache. Maybe the only remedy is a dose of old-fashioned tender loving care from the seductive doctor! But Ramon’s stormy history with Noreen made him the one man she didn’t want rescuing her now that she was ill.

When truths about the past are revealed, Ramon is determined to make things right with the woman who’s haunted his dreams for so long. But will this patient-doctor be able to mend Noreen’s broken heart before it’s too late?


Noreen is Ramon’s late wife’s cousin. She is living with them after her parents died. But the Kensington did not love her as their own but they’ve been treating Noreen as a housekeeper. When Isadora, Noreen’s cousin, brought Ramon back home Noreen is immediately attracted to the dark hair doctor.ย She has a crush on Ramon and Isadora has been teasing her mercilessly and kept flaunting Ramon’s love for Isadora in front of Noreen. Even when Noreen is living with the Kensington, they did not invite Noreen to join in any functions that they organize cos they’re ashamed of her.

When Isadora fell sick and Ramon asks Noreen for help in taking care of his wife, he couldn’t believe that his wife is dead when he came back from his work trip. No one question where Noreen had gone that night. All the Kensington does is blame Noreen for neglecting Isadora, Ramon label Noreen as a murderer. Even two years later, Ramon still blames Noreen for his wife’s death so as her Uncle and Aunty.

One day, Noreen pick up when200w_d.gif she’s on the way to work. Although her apartment forbids pets in it. But something happens to Noreen one day and this incident shook Ramon up. When he finally learned the truth behind Noreen’s disappearance on that fateful night.

I enjoy this story. Noreen has much more backbone and is determine. Recommend.



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