She Can Kill (She Can series, book 6) by Melinda Leigh #bookreview #bookrecommendation

This book can be read as a standalone.



She Can Kill
She Can Kill


You can’t run forever…

Twelve years ago, Cristan’s wife was murdered. He was forced on the run to keep his infant daughter safe. They’ve finally settled in a small Pennsylvania town, but he can’t shake the feeling that they are being watched.

Newly divorced, Sarah is ready to start over. As her ex becomes increasingly hostile, she appreciates help from a neighbor. But the violence she senses beneath Cristan’s polished manners makes her wary. Then she discovers someone else is stalking her—someone much more dangerous than a jealous ex.

Cristan fears his wife’s killers have caught up with them. Now he must face his nightmarish past and hope his decision to stand his ground doesn’t get them all killed.

She can kill book thoughts

Been reading three books out of the series and I must admit that I like this one the best. Cristan has been running and moving since twelve years ago. He knows that his enemies are coming after him and his daughter and he’s determined to protect his daughter from any harm. This town that he stayed for two years with his daughter had exposed to his enemies and he knows that they’re here. For him and his daughter. 

Sarah is a newly divorced mother. She has two daughters with her abusive ex. He still tries to control her life by calling her or sending threatening text to her. Until when he saw Cristan at her place, he starts to accuse her cheating on him. What happens when her ex threaten to take her daughters away from her? 

This book is full of surprises and actions. Definitely, do not miss this. 


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