Carry Me Home (Paradise, Idaho Book 1) by Rosalind James #bookreview



Carry Me Home
Carry Me Home


Paradise, Idaho, may not be the largest town, but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo, it’s the first step on the path to her big break. After teaching in a small Idaho school, her next stop is the Ivy League, and no one is going to stand in her way. She’ll do what it takes to move up, to protect her students from a creepy campus stalker–and to protect her heart from Cal Jackson, the hot, hunky cowboy who keeps coming to her rescue.

After a career-ending injury, Cal has left professional football behind and come home to work the family farm. He’s determined not to get mixed up with any more city girls who don’t want to settle down with a country boy. But after he rescues sassy geologist Zoe from a snowy ditch, he can’t stop thinking about her. Can Cal keep Zoe safe from whoever is targeting her–and can he show her that having ambition doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice love?

Carry Me Home Book Thoughts

My very first book by this author and I’m very disappointed.ย 

I even went to check again if this book falls under romantic suspense and it is! There’s not much suspense at all. I can continue on reading the book is due to the narrator of the book. They narrate the book interestingly and it has gotten my attention. But when I switch back reading, I almost fell asleep. And that’s how bad the book is. I’m looking forward to reading this book is due to the highly raved reviews at Goodreads and it disappoints the hell out of me! The characters are so unlikeable especially Zoe. She really irritates the hell out of me too!ย 

I’m going to read book two cos one of the characters capture my attention throughout the whole book and his story is at book 2. I’ll give this author another go and I’ll review the book once I’ve finished it.ย 



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