Turn Me Loose (Paradise, Idaho Book 3) by Rosalind James #bookreview #romanticsuspense

Hello, friends! How’s your weekend? Mine is spent reading as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚



Turn Me Loose
Turn Me Loose


Rochelle Marks is working hard to build a name for herself that has nothing to do with her pinup-girl curves. Sheโ€™s made mistakes in the past, and now sheโ€™s trying to stop her little sister, Stacy, from making worse ones. Rochelleโ€™s done with being nothing more than someoneโ€™s good time. Even if that someone is the one-night stand who turned her life upside down before vanishingโ€”and whoโ€™s just arrived in Paradise, Idaho, looking to pick up where they left off.

Tech mogul Travis Cochranโ€™s hard-won new priorities have brought him to town as a university lecturer, but heโ€™s come for something else, too: the smart, sassy, gorgeous woman whoโ€™s been in his head for months. When Stacyโ€™s choices draw her big sister into a web of down-home crime and cold-blooded murder, Travisโ€™s mission gets a whole lot more urgent. Now convincing Rochelle to trust him isnโ€™t just about winning her back. It may be the only way to keep her aliveโ€ฆ

Turn Me Loose Book Thots

The pace of the book is the same. Building sexual tension between the both of them with some suspense in it. Then we have the almost same ending.ย 

So what makes me still carry on reading? Curiosity. I’m kind of deeply involved with the characters that are mention at book one and thus I’m so curious what’s their story about.ย 

This book touches on prescriptions addicts. We also have a dealer, runner then buyer. This book will be better if you listen to the audio version. The narrator did a great job narrating the story!ย 



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