Take Me Back (Paradise, Idaho Book 4) by Rosalind James #bookreview #romanticsuspense #bookrecommendation

After reading all the books in this series, I must say this is the best out of the series!

The romance genre is one. Suspense genre is one. Romantic suspense genre is not an easy genre to write since the author needs to balance between suspense and romance. Unfortunately, the first three books favored romance than suspense and that’s disappointing. But this Take Me Back, shows me that the author finally has a breakthrough with her writing.ย 



Take Me Back
Take Me Back


Hallie Cavanaughโ€™s late father just left her millions of reasons to stay away from Jim Lawson, deputy sheriff of Paradise, Idaho, and the man who broke her heart fourteen years ago. Hallie has worked hard for independence, but she canโ€™t dismiss a massive inheritance, even if she has to follow her fatherโ€™s manipulative terms to get it. How hard can it be to spend six months back in Paradiseโ€”and not sleep with her old flame?

Former Army Ranger Jim just wants to do his job, raise his daughterโ€ฆand resist the gorgeous, redheaded reminder of his bad-boy past. Their one unforgettably hot night together had major consequences, and now thereโ€™s a fortune and a family legacy at stake. But when Hallie is threatened amid a storm of uncovered secrets and conflicted loyalties, protecting her becomes more than a duty: itโ€™s a deeply personal fight Jimโ€™s heart wonโ€™t let him lose.

Take Me Back Book Thoughts

Jim Lawson is the deputy sheriff of Paradise. He used to live here when he’s younger but one day he left and went to serve the country. No one knows the real reason he left. Now he’s back with his daughter.ย 

Hallie Cavanaugh came back to Paradise after five years of absence. Her father disapprove her career selection and he disowns her but now she’s back for her father’s funeral. Hallie met Jim again after more than a decade without seeing him. He hated her for causing him to leave Paradise and she hated him for using her. But unknown to them, the real manipulator is Hallie’s tyrant father. Now that the man is dead, the darkest secrets start to spill out when his will is being read.ย 

Hallie’s term to inherit her father’s massive fortune is to stay at Paradise for six months. But someone has been trying hard to get rid of her. But who?



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