You Belong to Me by Karen Rose #bookreview #romanticsuspense

This is my very first book by this author. I came across her book by chance as I’m looking for ‘new’ authors to read.ย 

Most of us are creatures of habits. We will take the same train every day to commute, same route, same cabin and we might even meet the same people who’re doing the same thing too. In this scenario, Medical Examiner Doctor Lucy Trask is a creature of habit. She always goes out jogging in the morning the same time and the same route. It’s just another ordinary day for her when she’s out jogging until she saw a familiar figure slumping on the chess table at the park. She thought that her neighbor, an elderly man is sleeping there. Lucy walked towards the man and is in a shock when she saw the state that he’s in. He’s sitting there lifelessly, with no eyes on his face, his face is disfigured, and his fingers is missing.ย 

Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick is a newly joined homicide detective. He used to be in Narcotics department but he wanted a change after something drastic happen in his life. He’s the Detective who’s in charge in this ‘bizarre’ murder case. When he saw Doctor Lucy Trask, he’s mesmerized by her. This is the second time he saw her and he couldn’t forget her. She gave people the impression that she’s boring but J.D. know that she’s the opposite.ย 

Doctor Lucy Trask compose herself to look at the body when she realized that the man is not her neighbor. She’s relief yet shock to learn that someone had murdered a man and pose him to look like her elderly neighbor. Detective J.D. is alert that someone wants Doctor Lucy Trask to find this body. Who and why?


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You Belong To Me



Baltimore City Homicide Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick has seen a lot of violence but nothing like the trail of tortured bodies that are turning up throughout the city. And now he’s starting to suspect that his medical examiner, Dr. Lucy Trask, may be shielding a dark secret that could connect her to this vicious killings and put her next on the killer’s hit list…

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I enjoy the book even though it’s kind of gruesome and violent when I imagined the scenes. The book is kind of long but it doesn’t bore me. There are two stories going on at the same time but don’t worry about it.ย 

The characters are likable and of cos, we will always have some assholes in the book.ย 


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