My Updated #bookreview on Kill for Me and I Can See You by Karen Rose #bookrecommendation #romanticsuspense

Kill for Me is the final of Daniel Vartanian series. And this is the final showdown which cannot be missed!


Kill for me
Kill for Me

Five teenage girls have been murdered. One survived, and only she can reveal the secrets of a disturbing ring of people who kidnap and sell teenage girls on the black market. But those responsible for the crimes will do whatever it takes to maintain her silence.

Susannah Vartanian and Luke Papadopoulos have both sworn to stop the murderers for their own reasons. Susannah, the sister of the hero in SCREAM FOR ME, suffers from a mysterious past that is connected to the sinister black market. Luke is an investigative agent and a computer expert who refuses to let another child predator get away.

Susannah and Luke are instantly attracted to each other, but their troubled pasts prevent them from immediately acting upon their feelings. The case will lead them to the shady realm of Internet chat rooms, where anyone can mask their identity. As Susannah and Luke draw closer to the criminals, they discover a chain of deception so intricate they don’t know who to trust. Susannah and Luke find comfort in one another’s arms, but the killers are ruthless and determined, and will take extreme measures to insure their anonymity and keep their business intact.

kill for me book thoughts.gif

Remember the unfinished case that we have after ‘Scream for Me’? It seems that the terror started long ago. Someone behind the scene had been pulling the puppet strings and controlling everyone. But who? It’s very disturbing when we learned the truth. Of cos, the identity of the mastermind is very obvious but the questions are ‘Who is Rocky and Bobby?’ Why Bobby hated Susannah so much that he wanted her dead?? Who is Rocky and why is he so afraid of Bobby?ย 

In this book, we also finally learned the truth behind Susannah’s dark secrets and past that she kept from Daniel. Do I blame her for reacting towards her big brother? Nope. If we base on the past she endured.ย 

It’s always nice to read the Playboy had fallen when Luke had fallen for Susannah. It’s interesting to read the two tango around each other.


I can see you.jpg
I Can See You’

Eve Wilson’s face was once scarred by a vicious assault. Terrified and ashamed, she escaped to the online realm, where she could choose the face she allowed people to see. Years later, her outer scars faded and inner scars buried, Eve has fought her way back to the real world and is determined to help others do the same. Now a graduate student moonlighting as a bartender, Eve researches the addictive powers of online communities. When her test subjects begin turning up dead as a result of apparent suicides, she doesn’t know where to turn.

Homicide detective Noah Webster is one of the few people who believe the victims are connected murders. Eve becomes Noah’s online guide and realizes that the handsome detective may have secret scars as painful as her own. As Eve and Noah chase a killer who is always one step ahead of them, together they try to overcome the tragedies of their pasts and learn to trust again, but they soon discover that danger is much closer than they think.

I can see you book thoughts.gif

This book is not as exciting as the previous works that I’ve read by Karen Rose yet intriguing enough to have me read throughout the night.ย 

Eve is a survivor. She survives when she’s viciously attacked and left to die. She survive another attack when a crazy woman wanted to kill. Now, she’s standing tall and pursuing her studies while working as a bartender. The place that she works at is a place where most police hang around. But the one who always attracted her attention is the one who doesn’t really speak much, Noah.ย 

Noah himself had some dark secrets that he kept to himself and he knows that Eve had gone through some terrible ordeals but he doesn’t want to add on her baggage. He thought that leaving her alone is the best policy when a case brought the both of them together.ย 

Eve’s project is a case study. But she realized that her ‘subject’ went missing and she ‘accidentally’ hacks into the system when she realized that her ‘subject’ is dead. She thought that this might be coincident when one of her ‘subject’ had turn up dead too.ย 

So who’s killing the women? Why?ย 


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