Fear For Me by Cynthia Eden #bookreview #romanticsuspense #bookrecommendation


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Fear For Me

Sheโ€™s the obsession two men share: one wants her love, the other wants her life.


A shared passion for justice first brought Baton Rouge district attorney Lauren Chandler and US Marshal Anthony Ross togetherโ€”when each played their part in bringing down the infamous Bayou Butcher. The sparks flying between the two made it clear they werenโ€™t just aย legalย dream team. Then desire had to make way for duty, and what they had was done. But it would never be over.

Five years later, itโ€™s none other than the Butcher who gets things started again when his shocking jailbreak reunites the lawyer and the lawmanโ€ฆand reignites their love. But this time, the pair is in danger of beingย permanentlyย partedโ€”by a killer with revenge on his mind, and Lauren on the top of his list. As a new wave of terror sweeps through the streets and swamps of Baton Rouge, one man will pit his boundless passion against anotherโ€™s relentless hate, for the life of the woman who obsesses them both.

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This is bloodthirstyย and totally caught off guard!ย 

Lauren is a district attorney who helps to put a serial killer, ‘Bayou Butcher’, to jail for murdering and cutting women up. Is that the end? Nope. The ‘Bayou Butcher’ managed to escape from the prison by murdering a guard and a doctor. He’s coming. Coming for the people who helped put him in jail. US Marshal Anthony is assigned to track ‘Bayou Butcher’ down. And then he’s afraid for Lauren. They share a past together but their parting wasn’t amicable.ย 

I like how this story goes. It kept me in suspense since when there’s something came up while they’re hunting and investigating the kills at the same time.ย 







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