Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham #bookreview #romance #harlequin

Been facing reading slump but suddenly I had a craving for Harlequin romance storm.ย 


Bond of Hatred
Bond of Hatred

Sarah Hartwell’s sister died in childbirth leaving a son she’s determined to protect him. So when Greek tycoon Alex Terzakis comes to claim his brother’s child Sarah stands firm in the face of his dizzying wealth and power. In a final, desperate attempt to get rid of Alex she gives him an ultimatum: if he wants the baby he’ll have to marry her!


Believing Sarah is a gold-digger and expecting her to name a price for the child Alex is surprised by the beauty’s proposalโ€ฆbut astounds her by accepting. Yet Alex refuses to have a marriage in name onlyโ€ฆhe will claim his bride!

bond of hatred book thoughts.gif

I must admit that I had a hard time reading the first few chapters since there are a lot of ugly words thrown between the both of them. Sarah Hartwell had a sister who’s pregnant with Damon Terzakis baby. But Alex Terzakis aka Damon’s brother stepped in and declare that he wants the baby after Sarah’s sister gave birth the baby and died. Sarah is infuriated with both the brothers and she refused to hand the baby over. Alex is DETERMINED to have the baby and is willing to pay any price including marrying Sarah.ย 

As per the title suggest, their bond is by hatred since they hated each other and still marry each other. And their hatred turned into a passion and then hatred again when Alex starts to insult Sarah after their wedding.ย 



Bond of Hatred GN.jpg
Bond of Hatred graphic version

I’ve read the graphic version and I love it.ย 



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