The Evil Inside: Book 4 in Krewe of Hunters series by Heather Graham #bookreview

Happy 2018! AND I didn’t expect that this my first read of the year! 


The Evil Inside



Some deaths live on forever

For as long as it has stood overlooking New England’s jagged coastline, Lexington House has been the witness to madness…and murder. But in recent years the inexplicable malice that once tormented so many has lain as silent as its victims. Until now…

A member of the nation’s foremost paranormal forensic team, Jenna Duffy has made a career out of investigating the inexplicable. Yet nothing could prepare her for the string of slayings once again plaguing Lexington House—or for the chief suspect, a boy barely old enough to drive, much less kill.

With the young man’s life on the line, Jenna must team up with attorney Samuel Hall to pinpoint who—or what—is taking the lives of those who get too close to the past. But everything they learn brings them closer to the forces of evil stalking this tortured ground.

the evil inside book thoughts.gif

I wanted to like this book. REALLY. But I’m taken aback by Jenna’s character. 

I didn’t really know much about her character’s trait since all the previous books are mostly concentrate the main characters. But as a Registered Nurse and a qualified FBI Agent, she seems more like a weak wallflower. 

And why would I say that????

There’s a part where she’s being slapped. Yes, SLAPPED by the city Councilman’s wife. And she didn’t do anything. Instead, she apologized to the wife and walked away. Assault a federal agent and the wife get to walk away just like that???

Samuel Hall. The first witness who come across the ‘suspect’ when he saw the teenager standing naked with blood all over him. He’s being ‘cajoled’ in helping the teenager since the teenager’s Doctor aka Jenna’s uncle believe the teenager is innocent.

DO I like his character? So-so. Especially when he knows where Jenna’s FBI team comes from. AND he thinks that she’s looney. 

AS for the plot? I didn’t expect the outcome turn out like that. As IN, I didn’t expect that. I do enjoy the story but not that much with Jenna’s way of handling things.

SO what’s your Goodreads goal for 2018?






Tempted, Twisted, Tamed by Rebecca Zanetti #bookreview


On the run from a mental institution and her vindictive half-brother, it’s safe to say that Sarah Pringle’s happy life as a schoolteacher is on hold. Too bad that as far as self-defense goes, “run and hide” is the best she’s got. And with the monsters that started her escape hot on her heels, that’s not going to cut it for long…

That is, unless Sarah has a bigger, badder, hotter monster on her side. Max Petrovsky is right at the top of the list of alpha male ass-kickers. And he knows exactly what Sarah’s up against. Good thing, because the minute he sees her something primal kicks in, turning everyday attraction into red-hot desire. As long as they’re cooperating, why not mix some pleasure with business? Of course, Max should probably tell Sarah he’s a vampire himself…


In human form, Terrent Vilks is all male animal–dark, ripped, predatory. As wolf, he’s unforgettably dangerous, unforgettably hot. Yet Maggie can’t remember him…

Not even when she learns she once agreed to mate him. Yeah, that was years ago, before she was kidnapped and tortured, before she lost her memory. Now she knows just one thing about herself–she’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the monsters who took her, even trust her ex.

He’s got her right where he wants her…


Caleb Donovan was never meant to be a prophet. At heart he’s a conqueror, his appetites far more carnal than spiritual. He’s not inclined to repress his passions and surrender to fate. After all, that’s what cost him Lily—three centuries ago. She married another, because it was ordained. Now that he’s in the same benighted calling—and forced into proximity with her—all the old desires are roaring back to life…

After widowhood and centuries of celibacy, Lily is eager to explore the wild side of life, except now she’s vulnerable to another forced relationship, with an enemy. But this time she’s determined to choose her own path. And if hot, furious Caleb comes charging to the rescue, it might just change both their destinies…

Love is about to start conquering…


ttt book thoughts.gif

Three novellas about three different secondary important characters from the DARK Protectors series. 

Tempted. The story is about our big scary bear bodyguard of Janie and his mate, Sarah, story. I didn’t know much about their story while reading the main books but from here. I know how Max and Sarah meet. And who she really is. I only know that she’s a teacher and didn’t know why she ended up with Max.

Twisted. My most anticipated since I kept wanting to know who Maggie is. She’s the unknown wolf shifter whom the Vampires save and she didn’t have any memory of her years before her capture by the Kurjans. And Terrent seems very into her. SO in the novella, we know about Maggie’s background and who Terrent really is.

They make such a cute couple.

Tamed. Prophet Lily. She looks 25 and she’s a widow for centuries since her Prophet husband died shortly after marrying her. And Caleb? The Rebel Vampire who recently gained the Prophet power used to date Lily before she’s being betrothed to her husband. And now Caleb is determined to have Lily since the virus she contracted can erase her mated mark. 

This one is opposite attracts type of couple. Although deep down, Lily is not that primed and proper as everyone assumed. 


Shadowed and Marked (Dark Protectors Book 6 &7) by Rebecca Zanetti #bookreview

I am so sad to see this series have ended! But I know that the new generation of vampires stories is coming next year. SO looking forward to reading them! 

I really enjoyed the last two books of the series. Shadowed and Marked.

First is Shadowed. 





Danger signs rise off Jase Kayrs like steam–the scars, the secrets, the strength. He’s got a mission, and he’s not interested in much outside of it. Except Brenna Dunne.

Brenna was an ass-kicking, name-taking witch–before the poison that’s killing her sapped her powers too. She knows there’s more to Jase than a handsome face and an ugly history. But there’s no time to find out what. Taking him as her mate might save her life. But once she unleashes the force of his desire, there will be no turning back…

Ready or not, here they come…

shadowed book thots.gif

Jase. The youngest of the Kayrs brothers. The one who’s been kidnapped by the demon for years and has been tortured almost to death until his brothers found him and managed to save him. But after so many years, Jase has not recovered from his ordeal. He’s always angry and he’s no longer the carefree brother they used to know.

Brenna. She shouldn’t have born but she’s born. She’s the eighth witch in the family and no one is born after the seventh sister is born. The seventh of the seventh. The strongest of all. And now Brenna. She holds the key to many legends. And many believe that she has the power to destroy the universe. But she’s dying. Ever since she’s been poisoned by a crazy witch a decade ago, her body is failing her.

Jase and Brenna. They’ve been matched together. TO mate. TO save each other. AND the story is so hot, emotional and exciting.





Janie Kayrs has known Zane almost her whole life. He was her friend in the dream world. She trusted him. But that was before he kidnapped her, spiriting her away to an isolated cabin to learn what her dreams never told her. Like how dangerous he looks. How he got on the wrong side of the negotiating table. And how much sexier he is in real life. . .

Zane is a battle-hardened warrior, used to command and solitude. But Janie has drawn him from the minute they met. His need for her could destroy everything he’s worked for, but the risk is too sweet not to take it. They call her the Chosen One. But when it comes down to the questions of peace or war, life or death, safety or passion, it will be Janie who makes the choice. . .

Marked book thoughts.gif

I must say… This is my most favorite couple in the whole Dark Protector Series! 

I am sad that this is the end.

Little Janie’s destiny is full of danger and grief when she’s born. She lost her father before she’s born and Kurjans are after her and her mother when she’s four. Things changed when Talen save them from Kurjan’s clutches.

But every journey is not easy for Janie. 

She met her destiny when she’s a child. Zane and Kalin. In her dreams. She knows that Kalin is determined to have her and she doesn’t know Zane’s real identity until the peace talks. 

I was like wow! Shit! OMG! REALLY! Oh, my….! AND how the story going to play out. I like the ending very much.

Kalin is a very sad character. If he has a good upbringing, he might be the one to really bring peace between the Realm’s allies and the Kurjans. BUT too bad. 

After reading the whole series. I must say I really did enjoy the journey with these Vampires and their mates. Although some of their stories really tick me off. I’m sad to see their stories have ended. AND I’m going to head to read those secondary characters stories. Looking forward!


Provoked (Dark Protectors Book 5) by Rebecca Zanetti #bookreview

I thought this will be very interesting! As much as Jordan and Katie’s story but unfortunately… This is a huge turn off for me.






A casualty of the war between the demons and the vampires, Jase Kayrs has been missing for six long years. His older brothers want answers—but they’re going to have to get them from an unlikely source. For when Kane Kayrs tracks down Amber Freebird, what he finds is a blonde, vegan pacifist who has no intention of using her skills in his war…


Amber enjoys her life of chaotic freedom and has no intention of falling in line just because a sexy-as-sin vampire insists on order. Unfortunately, he discovers she may be the only hope they have of finding his brother, and there’s no way he’s going to let her go—even if it means mating her to gain her cooperation. The two are as different as can be, yet when the dominant Kane and the untamed Amber finally unite to rescue Jase, they just may find that opposites really do attract…

provoked book thoughts.gif

Four years plus had passed and Jase is still missing. He’s still being held captive by the demons and the Kayrs brothers still unable to locate their youngest brother. 

Kane. The most intelligent and logical vampire located a ‘Demon Destroyer’ who doesn’t know about her abilities until she’s facing dangers herself. AS much as I want to like this book, Amber’s character is a huge turn-off. 

WE know Kane from Book 1. The most logical brother and he kept his emotions bottled in himself. And he needed to mate with Amber so that he can access her power. The ability to block the attack from the demons and counter-attack them so that they can bring their brother back. But this Amber’s character is SO ridiculous that she makes me speechless every time…

She’s a vegan and she’s trying to turn vampires into vegan like her. She wants all the furniture in the Realm headquarters to not have leather or anything that made from animals in EXCHANGE for helping to find Jase. She says she is a pacifist and is that action justifiable? She doesn’t make sense and kept insisting that she wants love and she wants Kane to love her if not she won’t mate him. And she already has sex with him after meeting him once. SO? The relationship between these two REALLY seems forced to me. And I really really felt so disappointed with this book’s plot. But luckily all the secondary characters save me from giving up the story and it’s very sad to read about Jase’s tortures. 



Consumed (Dark Protectors Book 4) by Rebecca Zanetti #bookreview

Oh my god! Oh my god! Finally, it’s my long awaiting Jordan and Katie story! And why I didn’t just skip to them it’s because the books are so-called standalone yet their characters and story are ongoing too. 

And the story started when Talen Kayrs ‘kidnapped’ his mate and daughter to keep them safe from the Kurjans. While their story is on-going, the sexual tension between Jordan and Katie are building at the same time. So it almost exploded in Book 4!





Katie Smith is the best of her class, part of an elite hunting force trained to eliminate werewolves from the hills of Western Virginia. She’s good at it because she has the kind of focus and drive that won’t back down no matter how steep the odds. Call it southern sass. Whatever it is, there’s no denying her willingness to risk everything for the only man she’s ever cared about–a man on the verge of losing his very humanity. . .

Sometimes You Mate To Stay Alive

For the past ten years, Jordan Pride has dedicated his life to protecting his people from a deadly shifter virus. But in a rare moment of distraction, Jordan’s guard drops just long enough for his fate to take an irreversible twist. Unless the woman he loves surrenders everything to him, again and again, under a full moon rising. . .

Consumed Book thoughts.gif

Katie has been infected by the virus for ten long years. Emma and her scientists still have not come up with an antidote for this virus. Although Katie managed to fight without turning into a werewolf, she lost her ability to shift but she gains something else. She can sense a werewolf’s presence and she’s been in a task force to hunt down the werewolves and kill them. 

10 years passed and Jordan is here for Katie. He demands that she has to go to Karys’s headquarters since they know that the Kurjans are going to bring the war to them soon. 10 years passed and the werewolves have evolved. They used to hunt and killed now they learn to speak. And they even remember their past lives before they’re being changed. And one is very OBSESSED with Katie.

It’s always very nice to see those characters mingle nicely into the book and yet you won’t find those characters distracting. And Janie the little savior for the future has grown up and she’s still trying to seek her friend, Zane, out.

The Kayrs are so loyal that they treated Jordan and Katie as their own. It’s so nice to read about such loyalty.

The story does have a nice ending but the war has not ended. It’s still ongoing and I do look very forward to the next story.

PS: Katie is a very strong alpha female in the story. And she doesn’t give a shit to anyone. But we do know the reason why Jordan has been pushing her away. 




Hunted (Dark Protectors Book 3) by Rebecca Zanetti #bookreview

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cannot believe that 2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is coming closer. Oh gosh. Felt like nothing is being done this year. And I must give myself a new resolution to fulfilled for 2018! 

Ready Or Not Moira Dunne is a witch–the quantum physics kind. Time and space are her playthings. Which might explain why her one-night stand from a hundred years ago has turned up to “claim” her–and request her family’s assistance with the war he’s brewing. But the more she learns about Connlan Kayrs, the more she comes to think this is normal behavior for him. . .

There’s Nowhere To Hide
When Conn and Moira tumbled on the moonlit grass, Conn hadn’t meant to mark her as his mate for all time. She was only twenty! But it wasn’t easy to wait for her. It was even harder to forget her. So when he finally returns for his wicked-hot witch, he’s ready to let the sparks flying. Even if he burns up in flames. . .

hunted book thoughts.gif

Connlan is really a good man. Who can stay away from his mate for a century so that she can learn whatever she’s meant to? 

His passion is so hot! AS for Moira, I thought that I might like the young witch. But apparently, she’s too ‘bratty’ to my liking. If you’ve read the previous book, I did mention that I dislike Simmone. Moira’s cousin. And to my surprise, she’s so different in this book. There’s some hidden sadness buried deep down that we are not aware of. 

Anyway, this is the last book we will be seeing a little Janie. Cos I’m sure the next one is where she has grown up to a teenager and I’m dying to read the next couple. Katie and Jordan. The sexual tension between these two had started from book one. And I always wanted to read their story. So pumped right now! 

So what’ll be your end 2017 book?



Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack SERIES Book 1) by Suzanne Wright #bookreview

Oh gosh… This is a must-read book cos it’s really hilarious. 

When female wolf shifter Taryn Warner first encounters Trey Coleman, an alpha male wolf shifter with a dangerous reputation, she’s determined to resist his charms. After all, Trey—who was only fourteen when he defeated his own father in a duel, winning the right to be alpha of his pack—can’t have anything to offer the talented healer besides trouble, or so she thinks. Taryn finds herself drawn in by Trey’s forceful demeanor and arctic-blue eyes, and she eventually agrees to enter an uneasy alliance with him. If the two succeed in convincing their respective packs that they’ve chosen each other as mates, Trey will win valuable political allies, while Taryn will escape an odious arranged mating.

But there are a lot of potential pitfalls to this plan—including the very real possibility that the wolf shifters, overwhelmed by their growing attraction to each other, will be unable to maintain the clear heads needed to pull off the deception.

feral sins book thoughts.gif

What can I say except that I’m in love with this book??? 

Cos the characters in the book are very lovable. Even though the main character, Trey, is a feral no emotions big bad wolf. 

Taryn Warner is a female wolf shifter but she’s kind of different since she cannot shift into her wolf like everyone else. And her father as an alpha of the pack has abandoned her since she’s a disgrace to him. He has an evil plan for her but Trey stepped into the ‘plan’. 

Trey Coleman. Alpha of the Phoenix Pack. He has a reputation for being a very bad wolf and anyone who gets in his way might end up being dead. He doesn’t care and doesn’t have emotions since he’s been abused when he’s a cub. 

What happens when a latent female alpha wolf meets the feral wolf?? IT’S full of surprises and funny scenes. Taryn just speaks whatever she wants and she’s very sarcastic. Her sarcasm is the one that makes me laugh throughout the book. Especially when she met Trey’s grandmother who tends to chase female wolves away. 

Sit back and relax. This book brought me laughter and some heartbreak scenes.